Cubo Ai Press Mentions

Cubo Ai Press Mentions

It's not just parents that can't stop talking about Cubo Ai! See what reviewers say about us here:

Cubo Ai Press Mentions - The Independent UK

The best baby monitors for 2021

Best overall – Cubo Ai Plus

“There’s a night light on the top and a built-in speaker at the back for soothing lullabies and two-way audio. And speaking of audio, the sound is crystal-clear. As is the HD image quality, both in the day and night.”

“The temperature and humidity sensor dongle clips into the power port, which our tester found to be pretty accurate. All in all, this is a solid choice for parents who want crisp video and sound, and to monitor their baby’s sleeping habits.”

Cubo Ai Press Mentions - UK Mumsnet

First look review - Cubo Ai Plus

“Created by a mum who wanted to make sure her child rested safely at night, the Cubo Ai Plus comes with a host of safety features to help everyone get a good night’s sleep.” “Ideal for families who want complete peace of mind at all times, parents can carry on using the Cubo Ai Plus even until their child is five years or older.

Cubo Ai Business Insider

The Cubo AI baby monitor is a godsend for parents 

"While any video baby monitor will allow you to hear the baby, the camera inside the Cubo actually knows what it's seeing. Using face detection, it can detect if the baby's face is covered or if the baby rolled over, sending an alert to the smartphone that, in keeping with the design of the camera itself, also sounds like a bird." 

Cubo Ai Press Mentions - UK Mother & Baby

Cubo Ai Plus Review - More than just a video feed

“This beautifully styled bird-shaped camera arrived just in time for our baby’s transition into the nursery, which was a bit nerve-wracking for us and unsettling for him, but the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor helped to put us all at ease thanks to its clever features.”  

Daily Mirror - Cubo Ai UK Press Mention Media Coverage

Best baby monitors for 2021

“There's a super clear 1080p so you never miss any of the action, a very clever 'cover face and rollover' alert uses A.I. technology to detect if your baby’s mouth and nose are covered or is face down. Which is perfect to give parents that extra security when they aren't with their babies.”

Cubo Ai Press Mentions - UK Metro

Best baby gadgets 2021

“This multi-award-winning smart monitor can not only work as a high-tech crib cam with a whole host of incredible smart functions (covered face and rollover alerts, for example) but its multiple stand options mean it can be easily set up in any other room and will notify you if your crawling baby or toddler has escaped the playmat and is entering your preset ‘danger zone’.”  
Cubo Ai Press Mentions - UK Good Housekeeping

The best baby shower gifts to buy now

“There's two way audio, built in lullabies, HD camera, not to mention sleep tracker, humidity and temperature alerts. All synced up and controlled with an app on your phone. Just look at the video. It's extravagant but a game changer. And it looks pretty cute too…”

Cubo Ai Press Mentions - The Telegraph UK
“This multi-award winning smart monitor can not only work as a high-tech crib cam with a whole host of incredible smart functions (covered face and roll-over alerts for example), but its multiple stand options mean it can be easily set up in any other room and will notify you if your crawling baby or toddler is entering somewhere they shouldn’t be (you can pre-set ‘danger zones’).”
Cubo Ai Press Mentions - UK Evening Standard

Top Pick for Baby Monitors - Cubo Ai Plus

“The 1080p HD Sony wide angle lens and high sensitivity microphone give astonishingly clear audio and visual even at night, and it’s easy to see the whole cot mounted on either a wall or the more expensive floor stand. [] It also works with smart home devices like Google Home and Alexa and offers a useful sleep tracking service that is handy for sleep-deprived new parents struggling to remember their own name.”
Cubo Ai Press Mentions - UK Daily Mail
“This device includes proactive A.I. safety detection alerts which notify parents of face-covered incidents, rollover events and danger zone risks such as a baby climbing out of its crib or a toddler entering a forbidden zone in the kitchen. In addition to this, the smart A.I. also captures baby’s cutest moments, so you and your loved ones will never miss a milestone.”


The best baby monitors in 2021

"The Cubo Ai Plus […] is designed to give you support from the newborn stage up until your child is five years old and beyond should you wish."


"What makes this baby monitor stand out from the crowd however is its ‘danger zone’ detection, which comes in useful when you have a curious toddler. This means you can set up a zone in your house – be it the kitchen or stairs – and you will get alerted on your smartphone when your child enters that area.”

Darimo UK Cubo Ai Review

A Roundup Of The Best Baby Monitors

Rated as the ultimate baby monitor on the market

“The Cubo Ai Plus is way ahead of the competition and this baby monitor provides the upmost peace of mind that your baby is relaxed and sleeping safely.” Read More...

Cubo Ai UK Press Mention - Citizen Femme

Travel Essentials For New Mums

“It works perfectly in your crib at home, but with the 3-stand set you get maximum flexibility, including a mobile stand to allow you to bring it away with you and stand it up wherever works for you during your holidays.”

“You’ll be notified of your crawling baby or if your toddler has escaped the play mat and is entering your preset ‘danger zone’. Carry this one with you so you can enjoy a holiday tipple and keep an eye on baby restfully sleeping at the same time.