The Best Baby Shower Gift for Tech-Savvy Parents - Cubo AI Baby Monitor

Not sure what to get for your friend’s baby shower? We understand that with so many options, it can seem impossible to choose a unique gift that’s functional and fun for parents and their baby. Ideas range from pampering mom with gift cards to bundles of Pampers for her baby. Anything you get them will be meaningful, but you really want to choose a baby shower gift that will grow with the family. There’s no need to go back to the drawing board, because the smartest gift this season is the smartest baby monitor.

A Baby Shower Gift with Covered Face Alerts

The AI Bundle That Keeps Their New Bundle Safe

Whether they’re welcoming their first or their fifth, child safety will always be parents' top priority. When looking for the perfect baby shower gift, look no further than this smart baby monitor.

Cubo AI is a smart baby monitor developed with artificial intelligence that provides real-time alerts and footage. With its simple and seamless setup, anyone in the family can do it. Cubo AI is a far cry from previous baby monitors designed solely for parents to hear if their little one was crying. It’s equipped with HD night vision, light sensor, 2-way audio and temperature detection among other premium features. Easy maneuverability and multiple stand options allows the baby monitor to fit in any room.

The best baby shower gift to help new parents sleep better

Help new parents sleep better knowing their little one will, too. 

Developed with a pediatrician, Cubo AI boasts leading technology to provide Covered Face and Cry Detection alerts, 18-hour playback, and 2-way audio. State-of-the-art facial detection helps by sending notifications in real-time through the smartphone app in case their baby’s face is covered. 

Little ones, especially when learning to move on their own, are quick, so parents need a monitor that thinks even quicker. Cubo AI’s Danger Zone Detection protects babies outside the crib with alerts if your friend’s toddler has ventured out a little too far. The AI is also smart enough to differentiate between pets and babies!

The best part is that growing up doesn’t mean outgrowing this gift, as Cubo’s capabilities extend beyond just the first few months, with features that are suitable for children just as they are for newborns.

A baby monitor with HD night vision

Night light for baby, night vision for parents. 

Cubo AI is equipped with night vision, a light sensor, and built-in nightlight. Even better, without that blinking red light you typically find on other monitors, babies can sleep in peace while  new parents get peace of mind. And when the baby wakes up, this built-in babysitter will capture all the footage in real-time and stream straight to their smartphones. It even offers video playback so they can relive moments they might have missed. Whether it’s an important first milestone or they just want to see how their little buddy’s day went, this feature gives parents a chance to review the past 18 hours recorded in the Cubo app. New moms can stay connected with 2-way audio, live stream, and even a Moments library with memories automatically organized by age. Raising a family has never been more fun!

 The best baby shower gift for first time parents - automatically takes cute snaps!

A Smart Baby Monitor that Automatically Take Adorable Photos! 

Cubo AI Smart Baby Monitor developed a technology that triggers a photo to be taken anytime babies twist, turn, kick, cry, and best of all, smile. The camera will typically take anywhere between 5 and 10 photos per day. Photos are also automatically uploaded to the Cubo app on the Moments Wall where you can check out every picture and video that’s been taken over the past 7 days. And best of all, since all content can be downloaded straight to the phone, these are moments that your friends will have for a lifetime.

Cubo AI is the smart shower gift that your friends will appreciate. Cubo AI was developed by parents for babies because we all know safety is always a priority. Your friends will thank you for giving them peace of mind and the quality sleep you’re buying them. But what’s more? Maybe they will find those automatic photos of their baby to be priceless.


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