Extended Warranty

Not available in the UK

(a) Purchase Eligibility:

*To be eligible for the extended warranty service, the purchase of a new product must be completed within two months prior to the expiration of the original warranty.

(b) Applicable Scope:

CuboAi provides the extended warranty service exclusively in *specific areas. In the event that customers outside these specific areas apply for the extended warranty service, CuboAi reserves the right to determine whether to provide the service.

(c) Applicable Products:

The extended warranty service is solely applicable to the Baby Monitor included in the new product package.

(d) Usage Restrictions:

  • Once the purchase of the extended warranty is completed, the extended warranty service cannot be canceled or transferred to another Baby Monitor. 
  • Customers are permitted to purchase the extended warranty service once for the same Baby Monitor. 
  • If ineligible, the order will be automatically cancelled and refunded.
  • If your order number cannot be provided for verification, the warranty for your baby monitor will be determined based on the manufacture date.

(e) Usage Conditions:

The extended warranty service must be used in compliance with the applicable terms and conditions of the original warranty. Following a successful purchase of the extended warranty, customers are required to submit an electronic warranty form as proof. Any revisions to the extended warranty price and conditions will be promptly announced on the official CuboAi website without notice. CuboAi reserves the right to modify or terminate the sale of the extended warranty.

*New products: CuboAi Smart Health Bundle / CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle / CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor - 3-Stand Set / CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor - Wall Mount Set

*Specific areas: Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao/United States/Canada/Australia/Japan