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CuboAi Smart Temp


The NEW Smart Temp, a medical-grade thermal sensor, measures Baby's body temperature and must be paired with a CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor. By combining body temperature detection with AI, parents can get real-time alerts when Baby's temperature rises or falls out of the normal range.

What's Included:
  • CuboAi Smart Temp
  • 12 pieces of double-sided, medical-grade tape
  • Charging Case
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Free Shipping

    2 Year Warranty

    45-Day Money Back

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    More information

    1. Must pair with a CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor

    2. CuboAi Smart Temp should be placed under the armpit, with button facing towards the back of the body

    3. For all orders placed on the CuboAi official website, standard shipping will take 3 to 10 business days. However, it might take up to 14 business days in some areas due to reasons beyond our control (e.g. courier’s delivery schedules, routing, weather, road shut-downs, etc.)

    4. Stable Wi-Fi connection is required. We recommend Wi-Fi download/upload speed to be at least 5Mbps.

    5. Smartphone is required. CuboAi App is available for the iOS and Android system. Mobile device must be iOS 14/Android 9.0 or newer.

    6. CuboAi Smart Temp is a product designed to help you understand your baby’s real-time body temperature through continuous data collection and analysis.

    7. For stable temperature reading, always keep Smart Temp within 5 meters (16.4 feet) of the Smart Baby Monitor.

    8. Smart Temp Tape is for one-time use only.

    9. The charger uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

    10. We do not accept returns on our medical devices to protect our customers' health and safety. For return eligibility, products must be unused, sealed, and, if applicable, with the outer plastic film intact.

    How it works

    Smart Temp monitors Baby’s temperature in real-time and alerts you when their temperature falls out of your preset range — all from your CuboAi App. Monitoring is fuss-free with its easy stick-on application and non-invasive design.

    The smarter way to monitor temperature

    We take the phrase “Never wake a sleeping baby” seriously. Smart Temp's continuous monitoring means no more interrupted nights to manually take Baby’s temperature. Stay ahead of temperature changes and track when it rises and falls. Any change, no matter how little, won’t go unnoticed.

    Any season, any time

    The versatile solution for newborns to toddlers. Ideal for flu season and during their critical early months, keep Baby cozy and happy throughout the seasons.

    Easy Set Up

    It’s as easy as applying the Smart Temp Tape onto the device and then sticking it under Baby’s armpit.

    Look into the details

    Item weight: 3.6g/0.13oz

    Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    *Must be paired with a CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.  How can I ensure Smart Temp continuously monitors my baby’s temperature?

    Keep Smart Temp within 5 meters from the camera to access real-time body temperature reading on the CuboAi App. The monitoring distance may be affected by factors such as physical obstacles, sensor placement, etc.

    2.  How does Smart Temp detect Baby's temperature? Is it safe?

    Yes, it’s completely safe! Smart Temp uses sensors to detect Baby’s armpit temperature. The data is then transmitted using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the CuboAi Plus using approximately 1/160,000 of the electromagnetic waves emitted by a mobile phone.

    3.  What will I see in the CuboAi App after connecting it to Smart Temp?

    Once set up, the app will display Smart Temp's remaining battery and Baby's current body temperature on the front page. You can also see Baby's body temperature records from the past 90 days on the Report page.

    4.  How do I charge Smart Temp?

    You can charge your Smart Temp using the charging case and USB cable provided. Smart Temp takes approximately 2½ hours to fully charge. We recommend charging the device before and after each use.

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