Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor


The best A.I. baby monitor to safeguard your baby’s safety from age 0-5+. A.I. detection for Covered Face, Danger Zone, Sleep Analytics, Auto Photo Capture, Crying, and lots more. 

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45-Day Money Back
Free Shipping
2 Year Warranty

  1. Free standard shipping offered (5-7 business days).
  2. *Please note due to COVID-19, you may experience some shipping delays up to 14-21 business days.
  3. To protect your little one’s safety and security, Cubo is only able to connect with stable and password-protected networks, of which download/upload speed are recommended to be at least 5Mbps and encrypted with WPA/WPA2.
  4. Smart phone is required. Cubo Ai app is available for the iOS and Android system. Mobile device must be iOS 10/Android 5.0 or newer.

What Premium Service Includes

Key Features

Ai Baby Safety Detection
Ai Baby Safety Detection
• Covered Face, Rollover Detection
• Danger Zone Detection
HD Night Vision
HD Night Vision
• Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor
• 1080p HD + 135° Wide Angle Lens
• Auto Light Sensitivity Adjustment
• No Visible Red Light
Moments Capture
Moments Capture
• Ai Auto Photo Capture (5-10/day)
• Auto updated Moments Wall
• Save photo & video from livestream
• Saved replays of Events Video
Sleep Monitoring and Soothing
Sleep Monitoring and Soothing
• Sleep Analytics (free 1 day report)
• 18hr playback + event tag
• Built-in Lullabies (Coming in August)
Thoughtful Additions
Thoughtful Additions
• Cry Detection
• Temperature & Humidity Detection
• Two-Way Audio
• Night Light
• Stands Grows with Baby
Bank-Level Security
Bank-Level Security
• Enterprise Level Security
• Secure Video Stream
• Encrypted Data Protection
Cubo App
Cubo App
• Background Audio
• Bird-Chirping Alert Sound
• Family Sharing
• Up to 8 concurrent login users
• Multiple Camera Support
• Smart Home Integration (Coming in Fall)
• 2-Factor Authentication
• Product Dimensions:
3.43 in x 4.32 in x 4.4 in

• Weight:
220g / 9.9oz

• Camera:
1080p HD, 135° Wide Angle Lens, 4x Magnification,
Sony STARVISTM CMOS Image Sensor, Clear Night Vision (No visible red light)

• WiFi:
Support 802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz

• Sound:
High-Fidelity Microphone, Build-in Speaker

• Materials:
PC-ABS Child-friendly  Material

• Power:
Input :100-240VAC/50-60Hz, Output: 5V/2A
• Internet connection via Wi-Fi (at least 5Mbps)

• To set-up your Cubo Ai, you'll need a compatible iPhone (iOS 10 and above) or Android device (Android 5 and above)
Package Content
Cubo Baby Monitor, Crib Attachment, Floor Base
Water Bag, Mobile Stand, Temperature & Humidity (T&H) Dongle, Wall Plug(x2), U-shaped Camera Holder, L-Shaped Stand Element, Stand Element(x3), Stand Connector(x2), 3 M Cable, 2 M Cable, Crib Stabilizer(x1),Crib Stand Safety Cap
Comes with a 1 Year warranty

How Cubo Fits in Your Room