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Three plans to support you through every stage of your parenting journey

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Basic Plan

Essential features to support your baby's journey

The best choice to safeguard babies over 1 year old, with essential features to accompany them as they grow

Premium Plan

Exclusive features for newborn care

Three essential AI features to monitor your newborn, reducing parental anxiety, and ensuring you never miss a moment with your baby.

Ultimate Plan

Accurate reports along with vast data storage space

Track your baby's daily sleep, permanently save sleep reports, and use a music therapist-curated playlist to improve their sleep training

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True Cry Detection
Cough Detection
18-Hr Playback
HD Night Vision
Notification Events 7-Day Record
Built-In Night Light
Two-Way Audio
Temperature & Humidity Alerts
Smart Home Integration
Family Sharing
Who's Online
Connection History
Multiple Baby Monitor Support
Body Temperature Detection*
Body Temperature (90-Day History)*
Covered-Face & Rollover Detection
Auto Photo Capture
Danger Zone Detection
Nighttime Sleep Report
Daily Highlights
Sleep Sensor Pad AI Mode**
Moments Wall
AI Lullaby Schedule
Sleep Analytics
Unlimited storage
Daytime Sleep Report
Daily Sleep Summary
Music Therapist Playlist

*Requires CuboAi Smart Temp
**Requires CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I enable CuboAi Care?

With every purchase of CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor, you'll receive a complimentary one-year subscription to CuboAi Care Premium Plan. This service is automatically activated when you pair your account with your Smart Baby Monitor.

If you'd like to upgrade to Ultimate Plan, you can subscribe directly through the app.

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2.  If I own more than one CuboAi baby monitor, does CuboAi Care cover all of them?

Every Smart Baby Monitor operates independently with its own CuboAi Care plan, and your coverage will depend on the plan linked to the individual baby monitor. This means if you have multiple Smart Baby Monitors with different plans, the features you have access to can vary when switching between monitors on the CuboAi App.

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3.  Why should I upgrade my plan?

We offer three CuboAi Care plans to pair with Smart Baby Monitor and match your family's individual needs. Ultimate is our most advanced plan yet, with a range of our newest features specifically designed to support your family's sleep and build a comprehensive sleep routine.

Exclusive to Ultimate Plan

In-depth understanding of baby sleep:
Newly added Daytime Sleep Report and Daily Sleep Summary gives you the full picture, both day and night. Sleep Routine Chart does the tracking for you to help you identify patterns and changes in sleep quality.

Sleep routines made easy:
Get your whole family on schedule a tap of a button. AI Lullaby Schedules will auto-play on your set times when putting your little one down for naps or bedtime.

Music to support their development:
Dr. Fiona Lin devotes her research to curating the best of the best for your little one. Songs and sounds hand-selected by Dr. Lin are sorted into two playlists: Bonding Time Collection stimulates to boost mental development and Sweet Dreams Collection soothes to calm their minds and help them drift off to dreamland.

More space for more memories:
Scroll through 90 days worth of pictures and videos on Moments Wall and watch your baby grow before your eyes. Plus, more time to download in your spare time! Look back through your baby's sleep progress in Sleep Analytics with unlimited storage.

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