Anywhere is Only One Click Away from your Baby | Cubo AI Review

Hey there! I'm Paul and I purchased a Cubo AI smart baby monitor through the pilot program for my son Finn and, so far as I'm concerned, it's pretty amazing! The alerts are great and the automatically taken photos/videos are cool, but what I think really makes Cubo special is its app. Being based from a mobile app gives parents a lot of freedom just not available with a dedicated monitor.  

One Cubo, eight devices

Up to eight devices can be connected to Cubo at any given time. That means my entire family can keep in touch with Finn on a daily basis. We personally wanted a bit more flexibility so we hooked two old tablets up to the app, one is in our bedroom and the other is in the living room. 

Always in touch

Of course, Cubo is also on my phone and my phone is always on me. I can check up on him whenever I want, see what the temperature in his room is like, turn on two-way audio, talk to him a bit after he wakes up from a nap. The app also keeps video, so if something happens I can rewind and watch in real time. Or if it sends a cute picture I can go to that time to look for more.

Customizable to fit our needs

Finally, all of this stuff is able to be controlled by parents. You can set the temperature and humidity alerts to suit your area, control how sensitive the cry detection is and turn on/off covered face alerts. 


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