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We'd like to extend a major thanks to all of the news outlets and blogs that have taken the time to give our baby monitor some coverage. Whether big or small, each mention helps to spread the word and pave the road ahead of Cubo. 

Thank you!

English Mentions

Date  News source



06/25/2019 Engadget Cubo AI's baby monitor will alert you if your child's face is covered
06/27/2019 Core77 Currently Crowdfunding: The Most Notable Campaigns of the Week
06/29/2019 InceptiveMinds Cubo AI: Smart Baby Monitor with proactive AI alerts
06/29/2019 TrendHunter The 'Cubo AI' Provides Proactive Alerts to Parents and Caregivers
06/30/2019 DigitalTrends Awesome Tech You Can't Buy Yet
07/05/2019 Innovami Cubo AI: The Smart Device that Monitors your Child
07/08/2019 CrowdGadget CrowdGadget: AI Baby Monitor, Translate SA Languages, Learn Piano
07/11/2019 Yahoo! Best Baby Monitor 2019

Cubo AI Smart Baby Camera Review


 Exclusive Interview: Joanna Lin, Co-Founder Of Smart Baby Monitor, Cubo AI, Discusses The Need For Tech For Baby's Safety


International Mentions

Date  News Source Headline
06/28/2019 Lifehacker (RU) Thing of the day: Cubo AI - A Smart Baby Monitor that's Always on the Alert
07/01/2019 TurnOn (DE) Cubo AI: Smarter Baby-Monitor Keeps an Eye on your Baby
07/08/2019 NicoNicoNews (JP) Cubo AI: A Next-Generation Baby Monitor Chock-Full of Convenient Functions. 93% of Parents Feel Peace of Mind!
07/09/2019 Naver (KR) Cubo AI: The Most Intelligent "Smart" Baby Monitor
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