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CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor



Better sleep for you and Baby. Our award-winning smart baby monitor and app detects when Baby needs you most.

Receive proactive notifications when Baby's face is covered, rolls over, cries or coughs. Experience crystal-clear 1080p HD video, with sharp images day or night. See how Baby is doing anytime, anywhere and make sure they're always safe. Plus, enjoy extra peace of mind when using a CuboAi. Our smart monitor is CTIA Cybersecurity Certified, so your data and account are safe and secure.

Wall Mount Set
3-Stand Set
What's Included:
  • CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor
  • Mobile Stand
  • Floor Stand
  • Crib Mount
  • Free App! 1-Year of CuboAi Premium
  • Free Shipping

    2-Year Warranty

    45-Day Money Back

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    1. For all orders placed on the CuboAi official website, standard shipping will take 3 to 10 business days. However, it might take up to 14 business days in some areas due to reasons beyond our control (e.g. courier’s delivery schedules, routing, weather, road shut-downs, etc.)

    2. The 3-Stand Set comes with a Mobile Stand, a Crib Mount and a Floor Stand (with a set of shared stand components between the Crib Mount and the Floor Stand). To create a complete Crib Mount set, attach the Crib Mount to the shared stand. To create a complete Floor Stand set, swap out the Crib Mount that's attached to the shared stand, and replace it with the floor base.The Wall Mount Set comes with a Wall Mount and Mobile Stand.

    3. To protect your little one’s safety and security, CuboAi is only able to pair with stable and password-protected networks, of which download/upload speed are recommended to be at least 5Mbps and encrypted with WPA/WPA2.

    4. Smartphone is required. CuboAi App is available for the iOS and Android system. Mobile device must be iOS 14/Android 9.0 or newer.

    5. Offers cannot be combined with other promotional offers, and cannot be applied to previous purchases.

    6. International transaction fees may apply.

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    Wall Mount Set
    3-Stand Set

    How our night vision compares

    Leading AI technology to safeguard your baby's safety, sleep, and health

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    Exclusive Features
    Covered-Face & Rollover Detection
    Breathing Motion Detection with AI Mode
    Cough Detection
    Body Temperature Detection
    Body Temperature
    (90-Day History)*
    High Accuracy AI Detection
    Music Therapist Playlist
    AI Lullaby Schedule
    18-Hr Playback with Event Tags
    Who's Online and Connection History
    Family Sharing
    (8 Users)
    Standout Features
    True Cry Detection
    Auto Photo Capture
    Sleep Analytics
    Danger Zone Detection
    Multiple Baby Monitor Support
    Customizable Alerts

    *Breathing Motion Detection w/ AI Mode requires Sleep Sensor Pad
    *Body Temperature Detection requires Smart Temp

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    All features

    App Services

    Covered-Face & Rollover Detection
    True Cry Detection
    Cough Detection
    Sleep Sensor Pad AI Mode*
    Body Temperature Detection**
    Body Temperature History (90 Days Data Storage)**
    Built-In Lullabies
    Auto Photo Capture
    Danger Zone Detection
    Nighttime Sleep Report
    Daily Highlights
    Daytime Sleep Report
    Daily Sleep Summary
    18-Hr Playback + Event Tags
    View & Video Download
    View & Video Download
    Notification Events 7-Day Record
    View & Video Download
    View & Video Download
    Sleep Analytics (Data Storage)
    30 Days
    Moments Wall (Data Storage)
    30 Days
    90 Days
    Playlist by a Music Therapist
    9 songs
    28 songs
    AI Lullaby Schedule
    1 schedule
    10 schedules
    Sleep Analytics
    £4.49/mo or £44.99/yr after end of free year trial
    £6.99/mo or £69.99/yr after end of 7-day free trial

    1 year of FREE CuboAi Care Premium included in your CuboAi Set or Bundle purchase.

    All purchases of CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor come with one year of CuboAi Care Premium Plan included, which begins when you pair your product to the CuboAi App for the first time. Do not pair your product until you are ready for the subscription period to begin. The subscription period will expire one year after pairing, after which you will no longer be subscribed to a CuboAi Care Plan and will only have access to basic camera functions.

    You may manually renew your Premium Plan subscription or upgrade to Ultimate Plan at the then-current price (which may vary from the current price). Current prices can be found above. If a customer does not want to use the CuboAi Care Premium included with purchase, the customer can contact customer support to cancel the subscription. However, by canceling the included subscription, the customer is voiding the subscription and will need to pay the then-current price if customer chooses to re-activate. Please note that the “Free Trial” eligibility may vary based on the App Store/Google Play policy.

    *Requires CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad
    **Requires CuboAi Smart Temp

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.  Does CuboAi/CuboAi Plus require Wi-Fi?

    Yes! CuboAi/CuboAi Plus is a Wi-Fi camera and needs to be connected to your home Wi-Fi network to connect to our App and the cloud. This way you can fully utilize our features!

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    2.  How do I set up my CuboAi Plus?

    Please refer to the Quick Start Guide - 3-Stand Set or Quick Start Guide - Wall Mount Set for assembly instructions.

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    3.  How do Covered-Face and Rollover Alerts work?

    It's quite simple. Based on Baby's movement, positioning, and face visibility in the crib, CuboAi/CuboAi Plus will determine if an alert needs to be sent. In the event that our camera detects Baby rolling over or Baby's mouth and/or nose is covered, an alert will be sent to parents through our App.

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    4.  Does CuboAi support multiple logins?

    Of course! CuboAi supports up to 8 concurrent logins. You and your family members can check in on your little one using our App from anywhere, any time –as long as you're connected to the Internet. Additionally, as long as you're logged into our App, all notifications will be sent to your phone.

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